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In-School Transition.


At Newker Primary School, we recognise the importance a successful transition is to our pupils with additional needs.  Transition from each Year Group and Key Stage is carefully managed so that all children have met with their new teachers and are familiar with the new classroom environment and organisation. We ensure that all of our children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities feel comfortable with any transition and are fully prepared for any forthcoming change.


In addition to this, we hold annual information evenings for parents so that parents have the opportunity to meet their child's new Class Teacher. We also have transition days where each class meets their new teacher in preperation for September.


Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 Transition


At the end of Key Stage 2, most of our children move onto The Hermitage Academy or Park View School. We work in partnership with all our feeder secondary schools to provide an enhanced level of transition for those who we feel would benefit from this. This may take the form of additional visits for pupils, one to one/small group working with secondary school staff or pupil mentoring from secondary schools.


The period of transition depends on the individual needs of the pupil. For children with a Statement of SEN or with an Educational Health Care Plan, if it is felt appropriate, secondary school colleagues will attend the Annual Reviews of these children in Year 6 to ensure they have the most up-to-date information on the child and are involved in the target-setting process.  


We are particularly keen to involve parents/carers as much as possible in their child’s transition to secondary school. Where appropriate, school staff will take opportunities to work alongside parents/carers to visit secondary schools in advance of secondary placement applications being submitted to the Local Authority. When a secondary school has been allocated to the child, parents are fully involved and consulted at all stages of the transition process.



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