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Online Safety - latest alerts!

Recommendation for the use of an app.

We recommend that registration for any app or game is completed with a parent/carer so that they are able to ensure information is completed accurately and security settings are appropriate and at their highest. The date of birth/ age can determine the access a user has to different facilities/games within a site.

Roblox app – safety concern raised.

‘Roblox’ is quickly becoming popular with children and young people. We have concerns about some potential risks to this application. Please be aware of an open chat room facility in the games. This is a site recommended for ages 8-18, but can of course be used by anyone. There have been some reviews by parents published on Common Sense Media that have highlighted additional concerns. We would advise that use of this game and specifically the chat rooms/friend requests should be monitored closely by parents and carers.

YouNow – safety concern raised.

YouNow is a fairly new app that allows users over the age of 13 to stream live video and receive comments from viewers. Broadcasters (the children using the app) are encouraged to become popular and to create content that will attract more viewers. There is also a system for buying a currency to virtually tip broadcasters. Videos created could be copied and stored. Durham Police have been made aware as a result of an ongoing case that paedophiles may be encouraging children to expose themselves, and are then involved in swopping the images generated.

Further advice is available at . Parents of primary aged children will want to ensure that their children do not have access to this app and that older children are aware of the possible dangers.

YouTube – safety concern raised

Risks involving the Uploading of Video. Many children spend a lot of time watching vloggers (Video Log) such as Zoella. (Zoella can have over 3 million hits on her uploads!)

Some children chose to emulate these Vloggers, and in doing so without careful thought can leave themselves open to bullying or online grooming by revealing personal details and making videos and comments available to anyone.

This is not illegal although the minimum age to create a Youtube account is 13. Having an account for a younger child breaks the terms and conditions of the site. It is not possible to upload videos without creating an account.

The following link provides additional information for parents and carers -


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