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Accelerated Reading

From Years 2 to 6 we use the Accelerated Reading program.

Each child is given a ZPD and asked to choose an appropriate book from their level. After reading each book they can then take an online quiz to earn points towards their target.

This program is designed to motivate children to read and so far our children love it, often asking to take their quiz as soon as they walk into school.

We encourage all parents to get involved with their child's reading. The above link opens the 'At Home' page where parents can log in and see their child's progress.

How much reading must my child do to make good progress?

Research shows that children should read for at least 20 minutes a day to make good progress.

What scores should my child be getting on their quizzes?

Children who score over 85% on their quizzes make the best progress.

How can I help my child reach 85%?

If you child is struggling to reach 85% correct, ask them questions about the book as they read it. If it's a shorter book they could read it twice to ensure they've read it thoroughly. Each quiz should be taken within 24 hours of reading to ensure it's fresh in the child's memory.



The Power Point below explains how Accelerated Reader works, for those who couldn't make the information evening, please feel free to download it. Any questions- don't hesitate to pop in and ask.


Parental Views


Thank you to those parents who took the time to fill in our reading questionnaire. We value your opinions highly. The link below gives a detailed breakdown of the questionnaire responses.

Here are the highlights and actions:

Parents felt the majority of children enjoy reading 87.8%


87.1% of parents felt their child was making good reading progress.


81.4% of parents felt school communication about progress was good. As a school, we see this as an area for improvement and will be sending the Star Test diagnostic home regularly.


62.8% of our children are reading more thanks to the introduction of Accelerated Reader. 9.6% of our parents reported their child was already an avid reader.


0.6% or our parents reported that Accelerated Reader had had a negative effect on their child. Children who do not respond well to the program will be closely monitored. We hope every child feels success with this program and will be working to build their confidence.


Responses to our questionnaire.

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